CATFANTASY: Join the meme metaverse !

Discover the fusion of feline magic and cosmic possibilities with Cat Fantasy Coin – where the wonders of cats and the vastness of the universe collide!

Astronaut in outer space with planets and stars
A dance with the cosmos, I spin and twirl, a cosmic performer in the theater of space...
Astronaut in outer space with planets and stars
Cartoon alien planet landscape for space game background
Through the cosmic tides, I embrace the freedom of space, a celestial drifter without borders...
Cartoon alien planet landscape for space game background
Space background with planet landscape and stars
Adrift in the cosmic symphony, I become one with the universe, a celestial wanderer seeking tranquility.
Space background with planet landscape and stars
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Cat Fantasy Coin

Meet the hottest coin on the block. Cat fantasy coin aims to go to the galaxy and beyond being unstoppable in speed and price!
Cat Fantasy Coin is an exciting and innovative blockchain project that combines the enchantment of cats with the vastness of the cosmos. Our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive community where cat lovers and crypto enthusiasts can come together to explore a new frontier of possibilities. 

CatFantasy Presale has started!

Token Details

Token Name: Cat Fantasy Coin

Token Symbol: CFC

Total Supply: 420 Million

Decimals: 18

Tax: 5 percent

Set slippage: 7 percent

Blockchain network: Ethereum

Contract Address: 



About Us

At Cat Fantasy Coin, we believe in the power of imagination and the transformative potential of technology. Our project aims to bring joy, creativity, and financial empowerment to individuals around the world. By leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, we provide a secure and transparent platform that enables users to participate in a unique ecosystem centered around our feline friends.

Join us in this unique fusion of cats and the cosmos, and let your imagination soar. Together, we will create a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem where dreams become reality, and the bonds of community grow stronger with each passing day. Welcome to Cat Fantasy Coin, where the wonders of the feline world meet the vastness of the universe!


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  1. Marketing Campaign starts

  2. Generate hype around token

  3. DEX Listing

  4. 1000+ holders


  1. Strategic partnerships to expand CFC

  2. Airdrop Rewards

  3. CEX listing

  4. 10,000+ holders


  1. CFC DAO

  2. High Market cap

  3. 100,00+ holders

  4. Become a staple memecoin


What is Cat Fantasy Coin?

Cat Fantasy Coin (CFC) is a blockchain-based project that brings together cat lovers and crypto enthusiasts in a vibrant ecosystem. It is a token that enables users to engage in various cat-themed activities, including buying and selling digital collectibles, participating in games, supporting charities, and connecting with fellow cat enthusiasts.

How secure is CFC?

Cat Fantasy Coin operates on a secure and transparent Ethereum blockchain, ensuring the integrity and safety of transactions. The underlying technology provides robust security measures to protect user data and assets, offering a trustworthy environment for participants to engage in various activities.

How to buy CFC?

To participate in Cat Fantasy Coin, you can acquire CFC tokens through exchanges once it is listed and actively contribute to the community.

Cryptocurrency investments are subject to market risks, including the potential loss of capital. Before making any investment decisions, we strongly recommend consulting with a professional financial advisor who can assess your individual financial situation and provide guidance tailored to your needs.